Meadow's home in Grimney



My name is Meadow Goblinglitter – at least I think it is! I have no memory of how I came to be in Grimney or where I was before. Grimney citizens tell me that I am really Sharda Lymar a city judge who set fire to the village of Lymar and murdered thousands of inhabitants in a revenge attack for the murder of my family. I have no memory of this and I certainly don’t feel like a mass murderer – but who knows? I am a dragon caller and I do have dragons so I suppose it could be true.


I live and work at Bumblecrack’s bar and bistro although I do spend a lot of time at Holmes tavern.


My ex boyfriend is Morton Balthus. I threw his ring back at him when I discovered that he had been married to five beauty queens, the final straw came when one of them turned up at the tavern!


So now I’m free and available boys!