KellermanBolte's home in Grimney

In our society you are either for me or against me, there is no middle ground, it is all measured by extremes, for that is the way I get things done. My task is not a pretty one, but as an Officer in the Queen’s Elite I was never afraid of getting my hands dirty, or bloodied for that matter, but the blood was rarely red. I was forced from my command after the massacre at Jayfax, I was proud that we wiped that troll village off the map, and it was a glorious day for me, However the powers that be objected and I was demoted to a common foot soldier, but the Overlord Grimwood Scribes gave me back my authority and set me the task of eradicating the lesser known, and inferiour species of Grimney, the useless creatures that our society can well do without. Trolls who eat up our resources, gweebs with their yellow skin that can sometimes taint our own due to grotesque cross breeding, The list grows longer, but I am dedicated to my work.  In time I do believe that I will succeed, I  myself like many others long for the day when only humanity lives in Grimney and all other species are driven to the dark oblivion where they most certainly belong.