KaraJarina's home in Grimney

Well, it's really lovely to have a visitor. Welcome! I am basically a guide. My name is Kara Jarina. I have lived in Grimney for a long time. I'm young, pretty, and enthusiastic! I know lots about the people and the places that now surround you, so don't hesitate to ask. I must warn you that not everyone is what they seem, so do be careful. Urat Holme is friendly enough though! Not too fond of Grimwood Scribes. He's best avoided.

Watch out for Maurgs, Zoorban, and Drednorks... I've heard some pretty scary stories. Only the other day I heard that three adventurers had been eaten on Grimney moor... Not good news that, although I am sure there are even more frightening things out there... I prefer to stay indoors with the door locked...

Anyway do take care, and always stay on the map...  Don't stray into unknown places...  But of course, if you do, please inform the tourist board! That's me!

Happy travels.

Kara Jarina