JeremiahCrockle's home in Grimney

I love my garden! I have just grown a very large Bumcumber, it’s four tinkles wide and three ponkels long. I plan to enter it in the National Bumcumber Big Vegetable Competion over in Farll. Mrs Crockle and I are over excited about the size of my vegetable, and it’s not very often that she gets excited about anything, but my goodness I’ve grown a big one! When we bring it back we are going to make soup with it. I do love a nice hot bowl of Bumcumber soup!

Anyway, enough about my massive vegetable. I’m Jeremiah Crockle and I spend most of my day outside in my greenhouse, I grow all manner of fruit and veg, although I’ve been having problems with pesky grindals lately as they keep pinching my grimati fruit. Still, all is well in my life generally, and in the evenings Mrs Crockle and I like to go to Holme’s Tavern. We like it there, and enjoy the company of the other patrons. Always such a pleasure.