JacobVask's home in Grimney

I have lived an eventful life, my wife Matila, (May the Zoriat Gods cradle her soul) My wife used to say that with all its lines, scars, dents and ridges, my face looked like a map of Grimney. The remark still makes me smile, and she’s been dead now some ten year or more. During my life, I’ve been a soldier, a tree feller, a hunter and in my darkening years I am now a butcher in Toraz, it’s not a very grand shop but it suits me just fine, and I can still wield an axe as good as any warrior, despite the loss of two fingers. Other than that I'm just happy keeping to myself, smoking pipe weed, arm wrestling, (I'm unbeaten at Holme's Tavern) and I enjoy hearing poems and stories from the more sociable regulars. I often sit quiet in the corner and listen when Elvira and Nydas sing. I also enjoy watching Clara Jane when she dances, after all I'm not that old!