Gothicka's home in Grimney


I was born and left in rags on the stinking streets of Glome, a rat infested stink hole of a town in the valley of Kil Kar Koon.  I was a street urchin who ran with the gangs, and I stole to keep myself alive. I had very few friends, and most of them were caught and hung for thievery. It was a hard time. I raised myself out of the gutter, and joined a scavenger gang and together we worked the wastelands. I became friends with Korben Drake and we robbed merchants and travellers. We spared those that gave willingly, but we were not kind to those who resisted us. I had to survive, and when you haven’t eaten for days you can become very ruthless, and we were. I regret the things I did, and the people I killed, but they never cared about me, so I rarely think about  them.  I’m now fairly happy with my life, and spend much of my time at Holme’s Tavern drinking, I like listening to music and hearing the poetry that the other talented Grimnians’ share. It's not a bad life, a long way from the life I knew when I was growing up in squalor.