GnomeingSpriteicus' home in Grimney

My name is Gnomeing Spriteicus I don't know where I came from originally and to be honest I don't know where I am now. I dress myself in sparkly grapefruit costumes and I perform cabaret, in which I've been shot at whilst on stage, whoever kills me, will inherit my brain!

I am currently living in a bath at Holme's Tavern, and drinking caterpillar gin, with a dash of worm. I go on three second binges of drinking, which annoys the Queen of Grimney so I've been told. I plan to kidnap her and she can make magic carpets for me, so my products such as air fresheners can be sent to the location, simply by speaking to the carpet.

My hobbies include capturing clouds, which I get by pointing at them with my two foot long nose. I suck up the cloud through my nose, and transfer them to pictures, which I then give away to disadvantaged people.

Right, I'm now going to hack into my brain, so I can study a part of it under microscope. I can touch this part of my brain with a pen on a piece of paper. This will spell out out a number of food recipes which I will make at the tavern.  Philomena Aquitaine can help me... And Gwenllian if she is free... I like cooking, I might eat my own legs one day, as they are rather meaty and would be good with a nice sauce!