GlosnikPrawdy's home in Grimney

I was born in the city of Merengore. My father was a farenger. As such, he was an outcast. The family was forced to get money and food by whatever means. Ethics and morals do not thrive when the stomach is empty and the children starve.

As the oldest child, my father taught me farnging, from ducting and gleaning to werren forming and finishing. I showed great skill, but that would not help me find even the lowest place in Merengore society.

I was also a skilled confidence trickster. A liar, a pickpocket, and a weaver of plausible tales.

I had just lifted the purse of a wealthy looking merchant, but all it contained was one tobran. I realised that, although richly dressed, the merchant - mif that's what he was - was as poor as me. I still kept the coin for myself.

That night, while I was eating the parthna I bought, there was a knock on the door. A beggar stood there asking for food. I took him in and shared what little I had left. After he had eaten it, the beggar was transformed.

His clothes turned pure white, scarlet and gold. He stood up tall. His very skin seemed to glow.

"I am King Duwyn Arbed, of the House of Lanais Fa An Nor. Thank you for the mercy you have shown me. Because of this, I offer you a choice. Change your ways and join me, and I will give you a challenging and fulfilling life, full of joy and peace, or continue as you are, in which case you will die within a year."

"I do not know you, you rmajesty. I don't know why you have come to me. Is there something you want from me?"


"I don't understrand."

"You have nothing I need. There is nothing you can offer that will benefit me in any way. But, if you give me all that you have, what I will give you is of greater worth than all the wealth this world contains."

"Why would you doi this?"

"Because I choose to. My gifts are mine to give, but only to those who will accept them."

Of course, I accepted his offer. He touched my head, my heart, and my hands, and I collapsed on the floor. When I awoke, I became aware of another presence in the room. The presence did not speak to me, but I was aware that it - or rather he - was called the Instructor.

I discovered my gift the next day. As I went through the city, I became aware of the people around me. I mean, really aware. I knew their names, their fears, their deepest secrets.

I would confront people with what I knew, and they would give me money. I became a spy, an interrogator. All this time, the Instructor was telling me what I was doing was wrong, but I chose to ignore him.

It was around this time I betrayed Wraak's family. I narrowly escaped his anger as he slaughtered all those he perceived as enemies.

It was some years later that the King visited me again, and showed me all the lives I had destroyed. All the people I had harmed. All in his name.

Such grief took me that was almost to great to bear. I expected the King's anger. I expected to be destroyed there and then.

Instead, he told me that I must learn from what I had done. That I must ask forgiveness whenever I have the opportunity; that I must forgive myself; and that I must always use my gift with wisdom.