Geseende's home in Grimney

How best to describe myself?  A trader, as some have called me? Well, yes, in a way. I prefer to think of myself as someone dedicated to helping people find their destinies.

You see, when we are born, we are alloted certain - shall we say - characteristics. This one has beauty, that one strength, another may have intelligence, or wisdom. Some may be born with a sickness, or a predisposition for allergies and the like.

As a person gets older, they may decide that the characteristics they have are not enough, or are wrong. They desire to be other than how they were born.

That is where I come in. I have it within my power - such as it is - to change the characteristics of a person, as they desire. However, the consequences may not be what they hoped for, but that is hardly my fault, is it?

Oh, the brothers oppose me. Not just here, but in other places. They believe that a person should be their true selves. How utterly boring. How mundane.

They call me pretender. That is unfair. I tell the truth - mostly. Their problem is that I can change form, but only into someone I have seen. Of course, when I do this, I must adopt the manner of the person I become. I suppose you could call that pretending, but I am not evil. Not really.

I mean, is it evil to help people's dreams come true?