GarakTheSpymaster's home in Grimney

I am Garak the Spymaster... I admire those who show strength of character and dislike those who are weak. I have a ruthless streak, and because of this I am one of Grimwood Scribes most trusted agents...  I watch for those who oppose the 0verlord's rule, and I shall test you, if I doubt you... If you are not a man like me your failure will result in termination. I enjoy executions. They are a source of great pleasure.  


Try not to cross me, or you could find yourself on a termination list, and swiftly eliminated... I always need informers... Visit me, and tell me what you know... If you pass my test you too could become a Spymaster.... If you fail you will be erased...


Slyly, and ruthlessly yours


Garak Hornfer