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 Post subject: The Forum Rules
PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 6:43 pm 
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The Land Of Grimney Rules!

The Holmes Tavern Forum Regulators have the final say in all matters. They help to run the forums for you. I am considered one of the harsher Regulators, but I like to believe that I am fair minded too. Disrespecting or arguing with Regulators will get you nowhere. The Regulators reserve the right to edit, move or delete any posts, threads or forums without given reason, although we will usually try to do so. Their decision is final.

Beyond that, the Admin Team also reserves the right to suspend or ban any member from the forums, including banning IP addresses and email addresses, without warning if necessary. However, this will only occur in extreme circumstances. Blatant disrespect for any member of this forum will result in immediate banning.



Grimwood Scribes
Lord Darius Rackham
Korben Drake
Garak the Spymaster
The Word Wizard
The Card Master
The Eye Of Chaos

1. Don't Spam (Advertise when it doesn't have anything to do with the topic, please do not make senseless topics, I will delete them). There is an 8 character minimum for each post, to avoid spam. Please only post when you have something relevant to say, or you are trying to promote conversation. We appreciate good grammar, and we surely have no need to remind you that this is a fantasy based website, you can role play should you wish, or you can simply chat as you normally would in reality. If you should desire it, you can do both we do not mind.

Due to a recent increase in the amount of advertising on the forum I feel it is needed to expand and fully explain this rule.

We take great care and have spent time and money to make sure the Land Of Grimney stays as advert free as possible. The last thing we expect is our own members to be the ones throwing up their own forms of advertisement.

Advertising businesses is simply not allowed without permission, if you do so you will be warned or deleted. You may place a hyperlink to your blog if you have one YOU MUST NOT BE SELLING ANYTHING.

Mentioning in a post that "I posted that in my blog" is OK. Including the hyperlink is ACCEPTABLE.

We generally do not object to any threads that require our members to leave the site to finish reading. We are here to generate new talent and do not stand in the way of freedom of expression. You are free to advertise your blogs, but we will not allow any links to pornography.

2. Don't insult or disrespect other Grimnian citizens (or other people that are not part of the forum). Constructive criticism only, you can point out negative things, and suggest ways to improve - but don't just knock people down.

3. Don't insult or disrespect other cultures, countries, or any sort of belief or way of life. Say nothing on the forums that you wouldn't say in real life. Grimney is a developing society of its own, and we want to make it a good one!

4. Don't publish any indecent, inappropriate or objectionable material in the forums (including but not limited to: pornography, warez, illegal download sites, crack software, etc). THIS WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN.

5. A signature with offensive content is strictly forbidden. There is a 255 character limit, and there may be no more than 2 pictures in a signature and no one picture may exceed the size of 1MB.

6. Do not try to hack other Grimnian citizens' accounts or the site's HTML/Javascript/any other sort code. Doing so will result in immediate banning, and your IP being reported to your ISP.

7. PMs are stored in our database, but never read unless a complaint or report is made. However, we reserve the right to view all Private Messages sent within our forums, but we very rarely do so.

8. IP addresses are logged each time you post (as they are in 99% of all forums). However, members cannot see them, and they will never be passed on, or used maliciously. Our only use for them is to check for multiple users, for banning purposes, or for reporting to ISPs in a necessary event. We fully respect your privacy.

9. Impostering: Anyone who attempts to 'imposter' another citizen (especially a member of the admin team) shall be banned with immediate effect. Impostering encompasses pretending to be someone you are not. Anyone pretending to be a member of the admin team (for example by adding admin team rank icons as their avatars) will also be immediately banned.

10. Branded Usernames are banned. Branded Usernames are names which are copyrighted and can be used purposely to cause confusion within forums. Examples of branded usernames are: "Land Of Grimney", "Youtube", "Megavideo" etc...

11. Regulators may, at any time, use their powers to prevent any disputes to continue. These powers might include locking the topic for a temporary "Cool Off" period or stopping the topic indefinitely. Ignoring a Regulators' request to calm down will lead to a warning upon your account which can lead to sanctions (limitations) being applied. These might include a banning from certain parts of the forum or limits to the amount of posts you can post per day.

12. Those who add work, retain the copyright to their work. You do not lose anything by adding your pictures or your writing. The Land Of Grimney has an average of 5000 visitors a month, although it is still in its infancy. Your work remains your work. For new writers Grimney could prove to be an invaluable resource.

Thanks for reading.
Administration and Regulator Teams of

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