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Marked for Death
The Right of Challenge

Mostly Grimney is a peaceful place, but there are many dangers. Bounty hunters, assassins, outside invaders, rival gangs and factions and above all, the Law of the Land...

Death can come swiftly and in all manner of ways. If you fall foul of a citizen they can ‘Mark you for Death’, you can defend yourself by ‘The Right of Challenge’ or by seeking out a witch, warlock or wizard who will cast a protection spell if you ask them to do so. If you do not heed a ‘Marked for Death’ warning and decide to do nothing then you might be assassinated and erased from Grimney. Assassins can be hired throughout Grimney, but take care how you approach them, as Garak's spies are often watching.

Not happy with seeking the aid of necromancers? Prefer another means of defense? Well, you could recruit a bodyguard by simply asking someone for protection, if they agree then your safety is secured, but remember it is safety in numbers, for example if you offend a gang member then that gang may choose to assassinate you, but if you form a gang larger than theirs then the quarrel will be over by fair means or foul.

Numbers are all important. Assassination is strictly forbidden and those indulging in such an activity will be arrested on sight.

‘Capturing’ a criminal. The rules are that you have to be in Grimney at the same time as an outlaw, and must message them if you wish to make an arrest, they will either refuse or accept, refusal means ‘The Right of Challenge’

‘The Right of Challenge’ is another way to settle a grudge, if someone or some creature offends you, you can challenge them to a dual, your target may however refuse to accept. I must be informed by the participants if 'The Right of Challenge' is to be undertaken, and I may try to help you to resolve the situation peacefully.

The victor of a dual is decided in a manner of ways. The nature of their avatar, magical ability, and character, and once strengths and weaknesses are calculated the dual is conducted over several rolls of ‘The Divine Dice’, thus the Zoriat Gods will decide, for they like to play dice with the lives of others.

The final choice is left to the victor, it is they who can decide the fate of an opponent, whether they live or die.

Death means eradication and victory means an increase in strength for the winner. Remember that the loser may have friends or be part of a gang, and they may in turn ‘Challenge’ you.

A description of the conflict will be posted in the Holme’s Tavern forum. Assassinations, deaths will be posted on profile pages, and probably discussed in the Tavern. ‘Marking for Death’ and ‘Challenging’ city officials, members of the establishment is strickly forbidden! Duels may take place, but should you do this and survive you will instantly become an outlaw and hunted down.

Regardless of all this just enjoy your stay!

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