Gavin Paul Carter, Cora Pearl and James Henry Willard are all individuals linked by the written word. Cora Pearl (mystic) was born in 1970, Gavin Paul Carter (teacher) was born in 1974, and Captain James Willard (soldier) was born in 1880.  One of the trio is missing, another is presumed to be dead and the third was last seen looking after sheep and chickens at an isolated cottage somewhere in the Countryside. Captain Willard is best known for his short stories and his epic War Poem Passchendaele  - The Final Call. Cora Pearl is known for her Diary, drawings and poems about The Land of Grimney, and it is assumed that Gavin Paul Carter wrote three novels about Cora and her adventures. The Land of Grimney is a place of great mystery and some visitors have suggested that Cora Pearl, Gavin Paul Carter and James Willard never actually existed and that much of the subject matter relating to Grimney is instead the work of a strange and eccentric character called Grimnian.