Who was Cora Pearl?

 It is difficult to write about an individual whose life is shrouded in the deepest mysteries. Very little is known about her. Cora’s stepfather Samuel Blackthorn, who lived at his manor house in the Malvern countryside, tried to raise the child, but it seems that he was rather cruel to her. Therefore Cora grew into a sullen young girl. The tragedy of her father Robert’s early death, and the neglect shown to Cora by her mother Elizabeth did little to improve Cora’s temperament, thus she withdrew into a silent world of poetry and fantasy. As her obsession with her imagination increased, the twelve year old child disappeared.

 Cora Pearl's Diary

With its thick red leather bound pages remained hidden for many years, gathering dust beneath the floorboards of her cobwebbed bedroom in Blackthorn manor.

   I believe that it was in those old crusty pages that Cora’s imagination took flight. Nightmares and dreams entwined in her troubled mind like twisted barbed wire and dragged Cora into a journey that changed her world forever.

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